Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rob Roy #1 on free backgammon website

Rob Roy has the #1 rating on the backgammon website The site has 258 players worldwide. It offers free membership. The games are "Turn-Based" instead of "Real-Time". Opponents need not be logged on at the same time, in fact they seldom are. Most players get on the site once per day, to catch up on all their games in progress. Players compete in many tournaments concurrently. Rob Roy has won first place in 56 tournaments on this website.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Report - Coventry Backgammon Championships - August 7

Report on Coventry Backgammon Club Championships - August 7, 2016 Al Theriault of Plainville Connecticut won first place of the Coventry Backgammon Club Championships held on Aug 7, 2016. Al defeated Ed Corey of Torrington in the semi-final round. Gerhard Roland of Naugatuck defeated Mark Denihan of Coventry in the semi-finals. Al then defeated Gerhard in the finals. || We all enjoyed a simple picnic in the yard, with corn on the cob, chicken, hamburgers and watermelon. || Our website has six photos taken at this event, at our new venue for backgammon, and for chess, with plans to conduct six backgammon tournaments per year, and six chess tournaments per year. || The next backgammon event happens Saturday October 1, 2016. Entry fee is only $40. || Rob Roy will again guarantee a $320 minimum prize fund this backgammon tournament on Oct 1. He feels this allows his players to feel confident a jackpot will be available to win, regardless of attendance. || Rob has run tournaments (backgammon, and chess) for 41 years without ever failing to pay out guaranteed prizes. Rob is devoted to developing a successful backgammon program, and a successful chess program, in Coventry Connecticut.