Friday, January 24, 2014

Blackjack - Double Down

Some players are afraid of losing a double bet. If the size of a double bet makes you sweat, then you are playing at table stakes higher than you should be. Click here for computer simulation results for how often dealer breaks per up-card. Never "Double-Down for Less". This is foolish. You only double in favorable situations, so always take full advantage. Strike while the iron is hot.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pocket-Monkey free online backgammon and chess

Pocket-Monkey.Com | CLICK HERE TO ACCESS | is a great website | These games are Turn-Based instead of Real-Time such as | Games can take weeks to play out | CLICK HERE TO ACCESS | Opponents not necessarily logged in at same time | CLICK HERE TO ACCESS | Chess | Backgammon | Checkers | Anti-Checkers | Kings Corners | Four-In-A-Row | GoMuko | Connect6 | Pente | Keryo-Pente | Halma | Mill | RadarWar | Salvo | Reversi | Strategy | Tic-Tac-Toe | CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

Saturday, May 11, 2013 free online backgammon and chess 7,000 users worldwide; 3,000 USA. 327 active backgammon players, 107 active chess players | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION | is a free website that offers tournaments for various online games. The moves are done via "Turn-Based" style, as opposed to "Real-Time" websites such as Pogo. Opponents need not be logged on at the same time. Games can take weeks to complete | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION | Atoll, Backgammon, BattleShips, Carcassone, Castello, Castle Danger, Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, Crack The Code, DiceGame, DiPole, Domino, Dots and Boxes, Draughts, EnGarde, Go, Go-Muko, Halma, Holomino, Kahuna, Lost Cities, Mill, Minesweeper, Oware, Penguin, Pente, Pick and Pack, Ponte Del Diavolo, Reversi, Rummy. Safari, Stacko, Strategy, StreetSoccer, Subulata, Summy, Tablut, Tally Ho, Ur, War of the Roses, WordGame | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Doug Doub wins backgammon, Torres and Faille win chess

William Torres and Matthew Faille shared top honors at the 2013 Waterbury Chess Championship, USCF-rated tournament held April 20, 2013. - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS - Ezekiel Delasho won the junior section with a perfect score. Ruthvik Ayyagari finished second place. Subbarao Ayyagari won the beginners section. For backgammon, Douglas Doub won top section, defeating Douglas Roberts in the finals. Dan Dumas won the amateur section. Al Theriault won last chance. - CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS - Rob Roy directed. Albert Lardizabal volunteer assistant, and Bill Campbell Floor TD. 23 chess and 12 for backgammon. $ 1,889.00 in total prizes awarded.