Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SouthEast Connecticut Backgammon Club. || My name is Rob Roy. I have run many backgammon clubs across Connecticut since 1976. || This is my current project: a backgammon club near or in New London Connecticut. || We need A). a meeting place, (preferably free); and B) players, (From New London and surrounding towns); I will be contacting the backgammon players I already know to tell them about our new club. || Here is a list of the local communities this new club would draw from: Old Lyme, East Lyme, Niantic, Waterford, New London, Groton, Mystic, Stonington, North Stonington, Preston, Ledyard, Montville, Norwich, and Westerly RI || 860 887-5052 || RobRoy810@gmail.com || ConnecticutBackgammon.blogspot.com

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Connecticut Backgammon Championships

2014 Connecticut Backgammon Championships Last weekend was the 2nd Annual Connecticut State Backgammon Championships, proficiently run by our friend Ross Gordon and his team. A bunch of us went down and had a blast. I won't try to list everybody for fear of forgetting someone, but I will catalog the multitude of club members who placed in the tournaments. I'm happy to report that for the second year in a row, the Open division was won by an NEBC'er! This time it was Matt Reklaitis who defeated two time World Champion Bill Robertie (also no stranger to the club) in the finals. Other notable achievements by NEBC'ers -- Phyllis Seidel won the Fairfield Blitz beating out 27 other competitors in the multi-tier 5 point match tournament. In the Advanced bracket, Daniel Bluestone won the last chance tournament. In the Novice tournament, Bogdan Ianculescu took third place. Congrats to all the winners! Report courtesy Alex Zamanian of the New England Backgammon Club.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Howard Rosenthal - New England Backgammon Champion

Howard Rosenthal New 2013/2014 NEBC Champion! || Congrats to Howard Rosenthal who finished out his season by beating Tony Wuersch in the finals of the 2013/2014 NEBC Championship Playoffs. This is Howard's first championship, though for the past few years he has come very close. So remember to congratulate (and be in awe of his backgammon abilities) next time you see him. || Semi-finalists in the playoffs were Herb Gurland and Roger Rosenthal. First round also-rans were Steve Cummings, Eric Wicklund and Alex Zamanian. There's always next season everybody! || Chic Takes June - Dan Chicoine absolutely obliterated Alex Zamanian in the finals of the 16 player June tournament. I mean it was a whooping. 13-5. Not even close. Woof. (Happy Dan?) :) :) || Semi finalists were Albert Steg and new member John Clayton. Herb Gurland won the consolation tournament over Tom O'Riordan. || Also welcome new member Richard Shebak. Lots of new faces this year. Hope to see you guys next season! || Hartford Anyone? - Our friend Ross Gordon asks if the NEBC would be interested in a summer face off with the Connecticut club in or around Hartford. Probably several tournaments in a day-long affair where the events are qualifiers for Ross's big national tournament in October. || Anyways, I think it'd be fun and worth doing if there's a enough interest from NEBC members. So if there's a decent chance you would be interested in such an event, send me an email. No obligation if you do say you're interested, I'm just trying to get a rough gauge. || Next Season - Our 2014-2015 season will start up in September. We'll post on our website, www.nebackgammon.org when we work out the early tournament dates with the Dockside. Also, a newsletter will go out a week before the first tournament. See you all then, and happy rolling in the meantime!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi, I hope all enjoyed the Easter/Passover and Mother’s Day holidays. Now that the holidays have passed, our next tournament date is Sunday, June 8th. As always, please take a minute to hit reply if you can or cannot play, what division you will play in and bring your board too. If you no longer want to receive emails, let me know to remove you from the contact list. Is anyone interested in a $200 qualifier (8 players) for the 2014 Monte Carlo registration and entry fee? Thanks and hope to see you on the 8th. - Antoinette 2014 PAIR-O-DICE BIMONTHLY BACKGAMMON CALENDAR Jun 9, Aug 24, Oct 19, Dec 14 BRING A NEW PLAYER / BOTH GET $5 OFF BRING YOUR OWN BOARD REPLY (RSVP) REQUIRED FOR SPACE Registration 12:00-12:30PM, Tournament Starts Promptly at 1:00 PM. David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center Next door to 1881 Broadway between West 62nd & 63rd Antoinette-Marie Williams, Phone 917-538-7039, Email montecarloamw@gmail.com PARKING Street parking is very limited near location. Garage Parking: 80 Riverside Parking LLC tel# 212-245-1840 80, 100, 101, 416 West 64th St NY 10023 (between Bond & Riverside Blvd) not Riverside Drive West End Ave to 66th St, right turn to Riverside Blvd. Left to 64th St, garages both sides $13 no tax for 12 hours Regular size vehicles & (small) SUVs $25 no tax for 12hours Over size SUVs SUBWAY IRT #2/3 express trains to West 72nd &Broadway. Transfer to #1/9 local stops to West 59th or 66th St &Broadway. Either way a short walk to West 62nd & 63rd Sts.

Gurland Grinds His Way to Victory in May

Gurland Grinds His Way to Victory in May The finals of the 22 player May bonus tournament was contested between Herb Gurland and Tony Wuersch. Tony had won the November bonus tournament, so it was only fair that Herb take this one. Tony would get his revenge a couple weeks later, however (see below). Semi-finalists were Steve Cummings and Albert Steg. Down in the Consolation bracket it was Marty Storer over Alex Zamanian. Playoffs! With his win in May, Herb launched into first place in the points race, earning a bye in the playoffs. The full top 7 points earners competing in the playoffs worked out like this: 1. Herb Gurland 2. Alex Zamanian 3. Eric Wicklund 4. Tony Wuersch 5. Steve Cummings 6. Howard Rosenthal 7. Roger Rondeau The first round of the playoffs have been played. The match-ups and victors are: Tony Wuersch over Steve Cummings Howard Rosenthal over Eric Wicklund Roger Rondeau over Alex Zamanian In the second round, Tony beat Herb, so Tony is our first finalist for the title of 2013/2014 NEBC Champion!! Howard and Roger are yet to play their semi-final match. The finals may be played at the June tournament, so come and cheer on our final competitors! Which brings us to the... June Tournament Our last tournament of the season will be played Saturday, June 7th at 12:00. Traditionally, playoff points are not earned at this tournament, but this year we are awarding 15 points for next season to anyone who shows up, regardless of results. So come and get a jump on next years playoff points race! Entry fees are $60 for Expert and $30 for Intermediate/Novice. As always, entering for Intermediate/Novice means you get half the normal prize money should you cash in the tournament. Please show up before 12:00 noon to register. If you're going to be a little late, you can call my mobile 781-354-6466 to reserve a spot. If for some reason I don't pick up, leave a message. I'll be sure to check my messages before we begin the draw. A $5 food credit is given with tournament entry. Before you leave, pay the tournament director for any food you ordered less $5. http://www.nebackgammon.org/

Friday, January 24, 2014

Blackjack - Double Down

Some players are afraid of losing a double bet. If the size of a double bet makes you sweat, then you are playing at table stakes higher than you should be. Click here for computer simulation results for how often dealer breaks per up-card. Never "Double-Down for Less". This is foolish. You only double in favorable situations, so always take full advantage. Strike while the iron is hot.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pocket-Monkey free online backgammon and chess

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