Monday, March 27, 2017


Saturday April 1 at the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center 23 Royce Circle Storrs Conn. Backgammon tournament 11 am. No dues, no fees of any kind. Volunteers from the Coventry Backgammon Club are conducting free lessons. Come and go as you please. Storrs Center is located at the South end of the Univ. of Conn. campus on Rt. 195 in Storrs Conn. It is a popular tourist destination. It is a downtown setting populated by dozens of shops and restaurants. Parking garage is free for the first two hours, $1 per hour thereafter. The Coventry group, 9 miles from UConn., meets every month for a cash prize tournament, next event is April 15 The Coventry group is the closest backgammon club for Springfield, Worcester, Providence, Newport, and New London. They work closely with the Brass City Backgammon Club in Waterbury. Storrs Center is hosting a similar event for Chess on April 22

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coventry Backgammon Club might be the closest

Do you live in any of these cities ? Danbury, Hartford, Meriden, New London, Springfield Mass, Sturbridge Mass, Worcester Mass, Providence RI, Newport RI. We are not aware of backgammon clubs in any of these cities. Our club may be only an hour's drive away. Coventry Backgammon Club has grown to 8 players per meeting. We open our doors two hours early to have backgammon lessons and warm-ups before our monthly tournaments at 12 Noon. We strive to convert online players into real-people tournaments and clubs. I will always have the Coventry Backgammon Club every month. We want to try to run tournaments in any of the above cities. In the past I always picked up new players whenever I conducted a satellite event. This will not happen unless I get partners to help. I need positive feedback from enough players who say they would attend. These plans are in the feasibility stage. No possible dates nor sites yet. The Coventry Backgammon Club will not have survived had it not been for Mark Denihan and Mike Agranoff. It would not have survived without support and guidance from the Brass City Backgammon Club Jim Sisti, Al Cantito, Gerhard Roland, Al Theriault and Ed Corey. Our Facebook Page 5-star rating, grows by 2-3 subscribers every day. But only a small percentage are local enough to play in our events. We are experimenting with a new format on April 1 It is not a replacement for the Coventry program, We will conduct our first "Backgammon Open House" on the UConn campus. Beautiful room we get to play in. Beautiful location to walk to a dozen different shops and restaurants in a downtown environment. Only drawback is we cannot charge entry fees/award prizes.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Backgammon Open House - Sat April 1 - Storrs Center

Saturday April 1 - April Fools Day - Backgammon Open House - Storrs Center - Rt 195 near UConn || Free tournament at 11 am - 7 point matches - Beginners welcome - Free - No entry fee/No prizes - Free lessons/No dues || Park in Nash-Zimmer Parking Garage - 23 Royce Circle Downtown Storrs - Our room is in the parking garage building - Many restaurants a walk away || || || Saturday April 15 - Day before Easter Sunday - Coventry Backgammon Club Tournament || || || Brass City Backgammon - They meet in Waterbury on the 3rd Thursday/mo All other Thurs at Pies & Pints Oxford || || || Visit Connecticut Backgammon Magazine on Facebook || || || SUBSCRIBE

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Rob Roy of Coventry wins St Patrick Backgammon Open

Rob Roy of Coventry won the St. Patrick Backgammon Open with a 3-0 score. Adrian Costa of Bristol finalist, and Al Cantito of Naugatuck won consolation. || || || || || || 8 players at Coventry Backgammon Club held March 18; 3 local players, and 5 players from Brass City Backgammon Club that came in carpools from Waterbury area. || We wish to thank Elizabeth for our lunch. We are thankful for the voluntary donations towards lunch. || We thank the BCBC for their support, special thanks to Jim Sisti, Ed Corey, and Al Cantito for their special help with consolation flights and side pools. The BCBC also devised a system for chouettes that simplifies payment and the rotation of players. The BCBC now has a Facebook Page. The BCBC meets in Waterbury on the 3rd Thurs/mo. (next is April 20, 6pm) All other Thurs. they meet in Oxford CT. || Sat. April 1 is a special "April Fools Day" open house for backgammon at Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center in Storrs Center. Free competition starting at 10 am. The general public is invited, free backgammon lessons all day. || Next Coventry Backgammon is Sat. April 15

Monday, February 13, 2017

Attention: Springfield, Worcester, Providence and Connecticut

We are in search of players from our neighboring states. Within 50 miles of Coventry is most of Connecticut, but also Springfield Mass, Worcester Mass, and Providence. || We are also recruiting players new to backgammon, as we offer them free lessons and coaching. || The Coventry Backgammon Club offers free lessons before we start our tournaments. All players can attend our class at 10:30 am. Free Coffee and Donuts. At 12 Noon they can 1) play in the tournament, 2) watch us play, 3) play informally or; 4) play in a chouette || If you know people that play casually, we should invite them to come play at our club. No pressure to join anything. || Rob Roy is also working hard to expand our presence on the web, and on Facebook. Our Facebook page has nearly 300 followers. We now get 500+ page views per month for our website || Anyone with an idea to help increase our exposure to the general public should contact me at 860 742-5562 (cannot support texting nor SMS) or email me at (yes, I also organize chess in Connecticut) || Rob Roy won the tournament held Feb 11 at the Coventry Backgammon Club. Jim Sisti of Beacon Falls finished 2nd. Next tournament is Saturday April 15. Please forward this to others. On April 1 April Fool's Day, we are conducting a Backgammon Open House at Storrs Center with a free tournament that begins 11:00 am. SUBSCRIBE