Monday, February 13, 2017

Backgammon Club to provide free training

Coventry Backgammon Club offers free lessons before the start of each of our tournaments. All players can attend our class at 11:00 am.  Free Coffee and Donuts.  We recruit players new to backgammon, as we offer them free lessons and coaching.

At 12 Noon they can 1) play in the tournament, 2) watch us play, 3) play informally or; 4) play in a chouette.  If you know people that play casually, we should invite them to come play at our club. No pressure to join anything. 

Rob Roy is also working hard to expand our presence on the web, and on Facebook.

Our Facebook page has nearly 450 followers.

We now get 1000+ page views per month;  Connecticut Backgammon Magazine

Telephone me at 860 742-5562 (no texts)

Please forward this to others.    


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