Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coventry Backgammon Club might be the closest

Do you live in any of the following cities?  Hartford, Meriden, New London, Springfield Mass, Sturbridge Mass, Worcester Mass, Providence RI.  We are not aware of backgammon clubs in any of these cities. Our club in Coventry Conn may be the closest club to you, only an hour's drive away.

Coventry Backgammon Club has grown to 8 players per meeting. We open early to give backgammon lessons and warm-ups before starting our tournament at 12 Noon. We strive to convert online players into real-people tournaments and clubs.

Coventry Backgammon Club will not have survived had it not been for Mark Denihan and Mike Agranoff. It would not have survived without support and guidance from Jim Sisti, Ed Corey, Al Cantito, Gerhard Roland, and Al Theriault, who have now formed the Brass City Backgammon Club in Waterbury and in Oxford.

Our Facebook Page  has earned a 5-star rating, grows by 2-3 subscribers every day.

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