Saturday, May 12, 2018


•  Double-elimination format, 9-pt. matches / 9-pt. final (7-pt. matches in the consolation bracket) — all players are guaranteed at least two matches

•  $60.00 entry fee / optional $15.00 side pool

•  100% return (main and side pool) with $60.00 additional prize money added (courtesy of Brass City Backgammon)

•  $15.00 hospitality fee includes a luncheon buffet (soda & water provided; you may bring your own beer or wine)

•  Registration begins at 10 AM - tournament begins promptly at 11 AM

•  Trophies for first, second, and third place

•  This event will be played in accord with USBGF rules and will be a clocked event

•  Please bring your own board (and clock if you have one)




Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Phil Simborg re: Headphones during play

Some tournaments have restrictions against people wearing headphones or earbuds while playing because they think it is possible to cheat (hear recordings or get voice messages) or because they think it is rude.

I have strong feelings about rules like this and I shared them on a backgammon forum, and for my Facebook friends, I would also like to share my thoughts with you. If enough of us feel the same way, I believe we can influence tournament directors and Federations that make rules to have reasonable rules:

"We must start with the premise that people are not cheating and have rules based on that. If we don't allow headphones because someone might get information that can help them, that is not a valid reason to prevent headphones or earbuds. If we have reason to believe someone is a cheater or might be getting help, then that should be called to the TD's attention and he can take appropriate action.

Let's apply this reasoning to every other rule. It is quite possible to cheat while rolling the dice, change the dice or have a board with magnets. So should we not allow people to use their own board and dice? Should we have designated rollers for the players (or use electronic dice provided by the TD) in order to prevent the possibility of cheating? How much fun would the game be that way?

It is possible to move the checkers illegally. Should we prevent players from moving their own checkers?

Again, we must assume honesty but keep our eyes open in case foul play is suspected, and if and when we catch a cheater, or someone who consistently bends the rules or is unsportsmanlike, then we must take very strong action (which has NOT been done nearly enough in the past) to expel the player and suspend his playing rights in any tournament for a significant period of time. Serious penalties and public embarrassment is, in itself, a major deterrent to bad behavior.

Now that I hope I have convinced you that the cheating argument should be off the table, what other arguments are there against headphones?

Some say it is not polite, or it prevents your opponent from hearing you. First, why does your opponent ever need to hear you except between games when you confirm the score? Second, it is far less polite than jabbering, singing, humming, shaking your dice excessively, and playing in a noisy room where the norm is for everyone to talk loudly even while important matches are going on. So maybe headphones doesn't meet your particular values, but who are you to set the values for someone else. I think it is rude to wear a loud shirt when you play. It distracts me. Should I be able to make you take off your shirt?

Let's have rules that are needed to help make the game fairer and more enjoyable, and not worry about making up rules that restrict people's reasonable freedom and enjoyment of the tournament experience.

Back to the cheating. Yes, with the rules we have there is the risk that occasionally someone may get away with cheating by wearing headphones or manipulating the dice or whatever. And if we ever got to the point where it happened often, then we would have to take stronger measures (as they had to do in tournament Bridge). Fortunately, we are not anywhere near there in Backgammon and fortunately, even with our current rules, alert players and directors are savvy enough to catch most bad actors."

Phil Simborg


P40 now available direct in Europe

By far, the most popular quality board among top tournament players is now available in Europe through Gammon Games   Choose from 4 of our most popular designs and save big money on shipping and time. Free shipping within 3 days.

P40 is the board used by Mochy, Michi, Akiko, Victor, Jorgen, Russell, Mattig, O'Hagan, Dogon, Slava, Arkaidy, Grinda, Pasko, Gartner, Robertie, and many other World Champions and top players.


Monday, April 9, 2018

Connecticut Backgammon Magazine to cease operations on Facebook




Connecticut Backgammon Magazine to cease operations on Facebook.

The original goal of Connecticut Backgammon Magazine was to publicize backgammon tournaments being held at Rob Roy's home in Coventry Conn.

We were successful at first, but that program needed to be better attended in order to sustain itself. We had only 3 local players, most players had to drive 50 miles or more.

We still maintain ConnecticutBackgammon.BlogSpot.Com to publicize;

Brass City Backgammon Club by Jim Sisti in Oxford Conn.

New England Backgammon Club by Alex Zamanian in Cambridge Mass.

Pair-o-Dice tournaments by Antoinette Williams in NYC.

Ross Gordon's ABT Events, Windsor Locks, Boston Mass, and Montreal Quebec.

New York Metro Open.


Rob Roy conducts a thriving chess program at his home in Coventry.

USCF-Rated tournament each month. The average attendance is 10.

We always have a few chess masters and experts.

Connecticut Chess Magazine has more than 400 active readers.



Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New England Backgammon Club Newsletter -- April 2018

Jeremy On Top in March
The March tournament was somewhat lightly attended -- 14 players in the Open and 6 in the Intermediate division. Though just a few years ago, 20 players would have been a relatively strong turnout, which speaks to the exciting resurgence of backgammon in the Boston area over the last several years. Hopefully we can keep this going for many years to come. I'm optimistic, as we're seeing many new enthusiastic faces every month. 

The Open-level tournament was won by Jeremy Kornwitz who beat Howard Rosenthal in the 13 point finals. Jeremy hasn't been around the club too long, he started coming just a few years ago, but has quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Which I can attest to, as I was his victim in the semi-finals!

The Consolation round was won by (who else) Albert Steg, who has won 5 straight if you're counting (and I am).

Affanato Sews Up the Win
George Affanato won the Intermediate tournament. (His first! Congratulations, George!). 2nd place was Pam Keeney, while it was Phyllis Seidel (last month's winner) over Chuck Gusselin in the consolation round. 

Points Race
Only two tournaments left to go in the 2017/2018 points race. (We will have a June tournament, but that doesn't count towards this season's point race.) After the May tournament, the top 7 points earners will compete in a playoff tournament for the title of NEBC Champion and prize money provided by the club. The player with the most points gets a very valuable bye in the tournament. 

Currently Alex Zamanian holds a sizeable, but not quite insurmountable lead for first place. Albert Steg is in second and also guaranteed to make the playoffs. Next up is the "Formidable Kornwitzes," David and Jeremy, who are looking pretty good for the playoffs, but I wouldn't say they are guaranteed to make it in. Rounding out the top 7 are Rich Sweetman, Tom O'Riordan and Howard Rosenthal. 

With two tournaments left to go including the May bonus points tournament where first place is often worth 150 points or more, no one is out of the running. 7th place currently only has 142 points. 

For full standings, see our website, . 

April Tournament
Our next tournament is Sunday April 8th at 12:00. Frank's Steakhouse -- 2310 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Entry fees are $60 for the Open division and $30 for the Intermediate/Novice division. 

Please show up around noon to register. We like to do the draw promptly at 12:15. If you're going to be a little later than 12:15, you can call or text (text preferred) my mobile, 781-354-6466, to reserve a spot. And let me know what division you want to play in. If for some reason I don't pick up, leave a message. I'll be sure to check my messages before we begin the draw.

A $5 food credit is given with tournament entry. Before you leave, pay the tournament director for any food you ordered less $5.

See you all this Sunday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Greetings. Sunday, April 15th is our next monthly. This is for those not going Las Vegas or have no other plans scheduled for that date. There were 10 players that didn’t show or respond which caused a start time delay. Please let me know in advance you’ll play and a courteous response if cancelling. Here are the details for our Pre-Tax Day Warm-Up:

PAIR-O-DICE &       


Present     A PRE-TAX DAY WARM-UP !!

WHEN: Sunday, April 15th, 2018

WHERE: 91 Edgecombe Avenue @ West 139th Street, New York, NY 10030

TIME: 12:30pm Registration; 1:15pm SHARP Start. If late, there will be penalty points added. The Tournament will end approximately at 8pm.


Bracket A Open matches will be 9/7 points: buy-in $175 entry + $25 regis.  This format structure pays: 50% winner, 25% Runner-up and 25% for consolation winner. Also a $50 side-pool (100% return).

Bracket B Intermediate (no Open players) matches will be 7/5 points: buy-in $80 entry + $20 registration. This format is a 50% winner, 25% Runner-up and 25% for consolation winner. Also a $30 side-pool (100% return).


Limited to 16 Open and 16 Intermediate players. 

You MUST email asap including your cell # to reserve a place.

USBGF rules (available) will apply EXCEPT: Premature rolls MUST be rolled over and not player option; dice on checkers will not be used 

Regulation size boards, precision dice and lipped cups will be provided. 

Space is limited do not bring your set.

Food, coffee and beverages will be on sale.


Results for March 11th:

Open (13)


Alan Steffen NYC SECOND



Eddie Rodriguez NYC WINNER

Ross Gordon CT SECOND




212-222-7177 (H)

917-538-7039 (C)


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New England Backgammon Club Newsletter -- March 2018

(Not Tired of Winning)
Paul M. Caracciolo had a great run last month, beating some tough players, but his first NEBC win will have to wait, as he lost the final round to Alex Zamanian in the 19 player February Open-level tournament. Semi-finalists were Eric Sulkala and Howard Rosenthal. In the consolation round, Albert Steg had the (dubious?) distinction of winning his 4th NEBC consolation tournament in a row. His final victim this month was David Kornwitz. I like my results better, Albert, but it's nice you're finding a niche ;) .

Seidel Fells Rivals 
The Intermediate-level tournament continues to be popular with 11 players competing in February. Phyllis Seidel emerged victorious when she defeated Steve Boggess in the final round. It was Robert Brennan over Pam Keeney in the finals of the consolation round. 

Points Race
Alex Zamanian has achieved some luft in the points race over second place Albert Steg and third place David Kornwitz. For full standings, see our website, . 

March Tournament
Our next tournament is Sunday March 18th at 12:00. Frank's Steakhouse -- 2310 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge. 

Entry fees are $60 for the Open division and $30 for the Intermediate/Novice division. 

Please show up around noon to register. We like to do the draw promptly at 12:15. If you're going to be a little later than 12:15, you can call or text (text preferred) my mobile, 781-354-6466, to reserve a spot. And let me know what division you want to play in. If for some reason I don't pick up, leave a message. I'll be sure to check my messages before we begin the draw.

A $5 food credit is given with tournament entry. Before you leave, pay the tournament director for any food you ordered less $5.

Boston Open
NEBC'ers were well represented in the winners circle at the Boston Open. Most notably Doug Roberts who took the top stop in the Open tournament. 

In the Advanced tournament, Bill Barrows took 1st in the consolation round. 

In the Novice tournament, it was Stephen Hassman taking 1st place. 

Bill Robertie took 2nd in the Herb Gurland Memorial Master tournament. 

Albert Steg won both the Open Jackpot and the Warm Up tournament. 

In the doubles tournament, Marty Storer and his partner John Klein took 1st over 2nd place Michael Kay and his partner Kazuhiro Shino. Marty also won the Pre-tournament tournament and took second in the last chance tournament in the Open.

Paul Caracciolo won the Dal Negro Board Jackpot (can't wait to see your new board, Paul!). 

And finally, Rich Sweetman took 2nd place in Marty Storer's (very interesting!) Boston Open Quiz. 

Congrats to Doug and all the other winners! To everyone else, there's always next year!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Online Backgammon Pocket-Monkey Profile - RobRoy8  

User Name: RobRoy8 
Full Name: Rob Roy 
Time Zone: Etc/GMT+5
Member Since: 31 October 2008
Last Seen: 01 March 2018 - 16:37:40 GMT-05:00
About me:

41 Tournament Wins
1st - Apr09 BG
1st - Apr09 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Jun09 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Sep09 BG-9 NoCube
1st - May10 BG-9
1st - Jun10 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Jun10 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Sep10 BG-5
1st - Nov10 BG
1st - Nov10 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Nov10 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Mar11 BG-9
1st - Mar11 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Apr11 BG-9 NoCube
1st - May11 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Sep11 BG-9
1st - Jan12 BG-5
1st - Mar12 BG-5
1st - Mar12 BG-9
1st - Sep12 BG-5
1st - Sep12 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Nov12 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Dec12 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Dec12 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Jan13 BG
1st - May13 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Jul13 BG
1st - Jul13 BG-9 NoCube
1st - Sep14 BG-9
1st - Jan15 BG-9
1st - Oct15 BG
1st - Oct15 BG-5
1st - Nov15 BG
1st - Dec15 BG-9
1st - Jan16 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Jan16 BG-9 NoCube
1st - May16 BG-5 NoCube
1st - Sep16 BG
1st - Nov16 BG-5
1st - Apr17 BG
1st - May17 BG-9 NoCube

72 tnmt wins on

16 tnmt wins ItsYourTurn.Com


2018 is my 10th year on this website
and also on YourTurnMyTurn

I am retiring from both of these websites.
I have stopped entering new tournaments,
and will finish out all remaining rounds.



Game Elo Rating Simple Win % Played Won Lost    
Backgammon 1789 62.70% 1917 1202 715    
Backgammon Match 5 2049 75.42% 1082 816 266    
Backgammon Match 9 2027 73.28% 696 510 186    
BG Match 5 - No Cube 1977 73.04% 601 439 162    
BG Match 9 - No Cube 2040 80.00% 420 336 84    
Chess 1650 83.33% 6 5 1    


Backgammon Match 5

Player Elo Rating Simple Win % Games Played Won Lost    
Morefun101 2339 92.23% 1146 1057 89 0
dr x 2092 80.08% 261 209 52 0
playBunny 2066 81.01% 179 145 34 0
Pomperipossa 2065 76.22% 862 657 205 0
nicodemus 2064 75.13% 1174 882 292 0
jazzba 2052 66.00% 994 656 338 0
StarrQuarterbak 2049 74.66% 292 218 74 0
RobRoy8 2049 75.42% 1082 816 266 0
wbt66 2013 77.78% 162 126 36 0
LadyRebel 2011 69.65% 2432 1694 738 0


Backgammon Match 9

Player Elo Rating Simple Win % Games Played Won Lost    
Morefun101 2142 95.48% 420 401 19 0
dr x 2118 84.83% 211 179 32 0
jazzba 2113 69.53% 489 340 149 0
Nicodemus 2067 74.93% 1081 810 271 0
gopats 2065 75.57% 1056 798 258 0
StarrQuarterbak 2054 80.53% 303 244 59 0
sia 2045 73.71% 502 370 132 0
Pomperipossa 2029 76.60% 624 478 146 0
RobRoy8 2027 73.28% 696 510 186 0
playBunny 2006 86.75% 83 72 11 0


BG Match 5 - No Cube

Player Elo Rating Simple Win % Games Played Won Lost  
playBunny 2090 87.23% 188 164 24 0
dr x 2052 85.80% 162 139 23 0
StarrQuarterbak 2005 77.45% 368 285 83 0
Nicodemus 1987 75.81% 583 442 141 0
reza 1983 75.40% 187 141 46 0
RobRoy8 1977 73.04% 601 439 162 0
Jemma 1971 77.91% 163 127 36 0
Bear 1945 88.04% 92 81 11 0
lcclick 1944 70.51% 468 330 138 0
Catmane 1929 83.58% 481 402 79 0



BG Match 9 - No Cube

Player Elo Rating Simple Win % Games Played Won Lost  
playBunny 2085 96.91% 97 94 3 0
dr x 2064 92.71% 96 89 7 0
StarrQuarterbak 2049 83.68% 239 200 39 0
RobRoy8 2040 80.00% 420 336 84 0
reza 2005 86.78% 121 105 16 0
Nicodemus 1989 74.49% 443 330 113 0
lcclick 1988 77.78% 261 203 58 0
vabon 1952 83.54% 79 66 13 0
sia 1950 73.51% 268 197 71 0
EU-GR-PAOK1926 1940 71.29% 209 149 60 0