Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hi all, Albert has found us a possible nice location to move the club to in the coming years. See below for a message from him. This place has a lot going for it over the Dockside. Better location, bigger space, and still has easy-peasy parking. We're going to give it a dry run tournament on *Sunday* August 6th. We'll do the usual thing -- $60/$30 entry, $5 food credit. We'll do the draw around 12:15, although unlike the Dockside, the restaurant doesn't open until noon. So come, tell us what you think, play some BG, eat some delicious food, and get excited for the coming season! (Woo!) Just so we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect for this first tournament, let me know if you plan on showing up. (We won't ask you to do this for the regular tournaments.) But even if you don't RSVP, you can still show up at noon this Sunday to get in on the action. Hope to see you there! Alex NEBC folks — As everyone should be aware, we have been working at scouting new viable locations for us to hold tournaments in the Boston area. It has proven very challenging to find venues with sufficient space to accommodate us, but we have identified one that may just prove to be ideal. So we are going to host a one-off ‘pop-up’ NEBC tournament this coming SUNDAY, August 6th, at 12:00 noon: Venue: FRANK’s STEAKHOUSE 2310 Massachusetts ave Cambridge, MA 02140 http://www.frankssteakhouse.com/?page_id=2 Frank's is a venerable and highly-rated ‘old school’ neighborhood steakhouse that has fared well in Phantom Gourmet and and various local restaurant reviews identifying it as a good value ‘cheap eats’ but quality restaurant. The owner, George Ravanis has expressed enthusiasm for our coming in once a month for our tournament, so we are attempting a ‘dry run’ this week to see whether this collaboration will work for NEBC and Franks alike. SUNDAY - SUNDAY - SUNDAY ! NEBC used to hold its monthly tournaments on Sundays’ ‘back in the day’ and we are hoping to revive the Sunday tradition based on questionnaire responses we received this spring. So please don’t show up this Saturday, you’ll be lonely. PARKING Frank’s has an ample parking lot right behind their establishment, off Rice Street. If it should fill up, you may park across the street at the Century Bank lot, or around the next corner to the north (Norris Strret) behind Verna’s cafe. If you want to take the T, you can get off at Porter Square and walk about 10 mins up Mass Ave towards Arlington. EATING at FRANK’S George is not asking us to pay any fees to rent the space in their dining rooms, but of course we are needing to make it worth their while to host our tournaments, so we encourage people to come and have lunch during the outset of the tournament, much as we have done at the Dockside. For this initial event at least we will continue the “$5 dollar credit” toward your eat/drink at Franks. We will once again have all orders placed on a common tab and settled by the tournament director. Please come to Frank’s recognizing that it is a somewhat more staid environment compared to the Dockside. There are no air-hockey tables, and fewer mobs of kids running around. It’s a somewhat ‘quieter’ place though George expressed concern it might get a little too loud for us during sports games, so it’s not exactly a library. We think it will be a comfortable place to play, but do be aware of the effect your gaming may have on other diners in the room. Frank’s closes at 9:30, so we will need to arrange our affairs so that we can reliably finish play by that hour. Chouettes may decamp to local Davis Square venues! Albert


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